little ears audiology

newborn hearing screening and school-age hearing testing for the littlest ears in DFW

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Meet the Audiologist

 Andi Seibold, Au.D. is a licensed pediatric audiologist and has worked with over 800 newborns in the natural-birth community since 2013. All newborns, regardless of birth location, should have access to the newborn hearing screen in a family-centered, breastfeeding-supportive environment.


Why Screening is Important

 Hearing loss is the most common birth defect. A simple screening can detect disorders that, if left untreated, can impact speech and language development. Loud household noises are not an accurate measure of an infant's ability to hear soft sounds, such as voices. Screening is non-invasive and provides a baseline of hearing function in both ears.


Locations to Serve You

Little Ears Audiology is a mobile service, traveling monthly to birth centers in Fort Worth, Keller, Grand Prairie and Dallas. Home visits are also available in Fort Worth and closely surrounding cities on Saturdays.

All locations are private, comfortable, and family-centered.